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# of Years Experience in Marketing
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Employment Experience *

Please input the details of your last two positions in marketing. Include the name of the companies, your job titles, and the dates of your employment (start and end dates). Ensure you provide contact information for a reference related to each job position.

Post-Secondary Institutions

If you have taken marketing courses at a post-secondary institution, please upload a copy of your unofficial transcript. This may help you accelerate through the CM program and take fewer courses. If educated outside of Canada, provide a WES (World Education Services) assessment.

Note on Official Transcripts: While not initially required, the CMA reserves the right to request official transcripts for education validation during our audit process. Any fees for obtaining original transcripts will be the applicant’s responsibility.

Upload a detailed resume highlighting your marketing work experience.

Allowed Extensions: .doc;.docx;.txt;.rtf;.pdf;.zip;.rar;.png;.jpg;.bmp;.jpeg;.xls;.xlsx

Unofficial transcript

Allowed Extensions: .doc;.docx;.txt;.rtf;.pdf;.zip;.rar;.png;.jpg;.bmp;.jpeg;.xls;.xlsx

WES certificate

Allowed Extensions: .doc;.docx;.txt;.rtf;.pdf;.zip;.rar;.png;.jpg;.bmp;.jpeg;.xls;.xlsx


By submitting this application, I acknowledge:

  • My references may be contacted by the CMA to verify the details of my professional experience.
  • CMA reserves the right to request further information or supporting documentation, including an official transcript. I acknowledge that obtaining such documents may incur costs for which I am responsible.
  • The information in my application is truthful and complete.
  • Providing false information could result in being disqualified from completing the CM program and at risk of a potential financial penalty if courses have already been started.

Terms and Conditions

  • Applicants are required to adhere to all program guidelines, requirements, and deadlines as established by the DMSC program administration.
  • Successful applicants must commit to completing all required courses within the specified timeframe to maintain eligibility for this program funding.
  • Upon successful completion of the program, it is mandatory for graduates to actively seek employment, submit a job offer letter upon receipt, and maintain ongoing communication with CMA staff.
  • The scholarship is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash, other forms of credit, or assigned to another individual.
  • By proceeding with this application, you confirm that you have read, comprehended, and agree to comply with the terms and conditions, including the outlined obligations, stated in this disclaimer.
  • I consent to the CMA using my personal information, in accordance with the CMA’s privacy policy, to determine my eligibility for the DMSC program.