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Mar 01, 2021

Last week was a watershed moment at the CMA. Our first class of Chartered Marketers (CMs) completed their final module, called the CM Summit Course. While not officially CMs yet (as they have some final technical steps to complete), they are very close to the finish line.

These CM designates are an impressive group of leaders. They completed each element of our rigorous curriculum in succession without taking any semesters off, even through the pandemic. And the quality of their assignments was consistently outstanding.

But was it all worth it? 

In their final assignment, we asked the learners to write a memo to their bosses about how they have grown as marketers through the CM program. Their memos are inspiring. All of them convey great pride about earning the designation.

One learner wrote: “I strongly believe that the skills and experience of this course have enhanced my marketing skills but also my overall business skills. It has truly changed the way I process and analyze information, providing a much more well-rounded business approach.”

Another said: “I have learned that leadership and management are very different and provide varying levels of employee engagement and results. It is a goal of mine to ensure my staff are feeling confident, motivated, and valued each and every day.” 

A learner who works full time at a creative agency wrote: “Now that I have a clearer understanding of the fiscal responsibilities and objectives of our clients, I believe I can provide some valuable insight when we’re crafting our agency fee scopes of work.”  

That all sounds great, you might be thinking. But is this really the right time to focus on professional development and designations?

That question is best answered by turning to our talent research, which was in field through January 2021. More than 250 people, from mid-level marketers to the C-suite, responded to our questions about professional designations. Here is what they had to say:

  • Nearly all (88%) marketers believe a professional designation has value, and more than half (51%) believe that value is increasing.
  • Nearly all (92%) respondents believe that applicants with a designation are more desirable than those without. 
  • Close to 90% of marketers agree that an applicant with a professional designation will have a breadth of skills and contribute to overarching business strategy.

The CM designation signifies that the holder has earned credentials by completing a demanding series of courses that include mastering both hard and soft skills. There is some obvious prestige involved, but the vast majority of our survey respondents were more enthusiastic that Chartered Marketers would adhere to professional standards of excellence and a robust code of ethics, the true stamp of a profession.

We’ll be profiling our inaugural group in the weeks ahead. Prepare to be impressed.

P.S. The next entry point for the Chartered Marketer program is May 3. If you know any marketers who have leadership potential, the desire to grow professionally, and the willingness to apply some elbow grease to fuel their ambition, point them in the direction of the Chartered Marketer program. You’ll be doing them – and marketing in Canada – a huge favour.

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