Turning the Corner on the Pandemic

Mar 15, 2021

The amazing Ron Tite was my guest on Marketing Connected LIVE last week. He shared his allegory of winning auto races by the way you handle the corners. 


Every driver goes through the process of slowing down in the corners. Strong leaders need to use that time to check their data dashboard and once they find equilibrium, they hit the accelerator. Races are won by the drivers who accelerate before they leave the corner, so that they leave with momentum and lap ahead of everyone who waited.


With the acceleration of vaccine distribution, I believe that we are entering the next corner of the track – as a society and as professionals. It won’t be long before we are heading full throttle down the straightaway. How quickly we hit the accelerator, and what we focus on coming out of the corner, will determine our success.


The CMA is poised to press the accelerator. We are rolling out a new website, and ramping up our work in a number of policy areas, including Adtech,  Internet Gaming and more.

Our Brand Council is doing a survey to understand how COVID has impacted marketing within companies. How has the pandemic affected brands’ budgets, strategy and tactics? How are marketing departments being viewed from the C-suite? How have agency relationships changed? If you are a brand marketer, please click here to participate.

It’s time to get into the race. The yellow caution flag will soon be removed. I couldn’t be happier about that. 

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John Wiltshire

President & CEO Canadian Marketing Association




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