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Apr 19, 2021

Recently, the CMA’s board and I did some hard work around articulating our purpose, mission and key pillars. If you have been through this exercise, you will know that it takes a great deal of thought and discussion. Every word counts and there can be many iterations.

Our discussions culminated in this: “The CMA’s purpose is to embolden Canadian marketers to make a powerful impact on business in Canada.”  

We want to make Canadian marketers even bolder. More confident.  In fact, we want Canada to have the boldest, most confident marketers on the planet. Why?

Because we understand the power of marketing. Time and again, we have witnessed the unambiguous relationship between great marketing and strong businesses results. And we are driven every day to empower our members to improve your contribution to your organization’s success. Which in turn, strengthens the Canadian economy.

Steve Mast, our current Board Chair, who has served with us for nearly a decade, sums it up like this. “The CMA is here to guide the modern marketer. Marketers need to take bold action, whether that be in brand differentiation, development of unique customer and employee experiences, development of new and innovative product offerings, or setting a new standard for diversity and inclusion. 

The CMA achieves its purpose in three ways:

  • Setting standards of excellence through our learning platforms, the CM designation, Canadian Marketing Code of Ethics and Standards, compliance and best practices guides, CMA Awards, and more. 
  • Representing and influencing the marketing profession and ecosystem through thought leadership and advocacy. 
  • Fostering a strong, connected marketing community, which inevitably leads to greater creativity and innovation. 

Our purpose is best achieved through the participation of bright, energetic marketers who are interested in contributing their knowledge, learning from their peers and building their network.

If you fit this description and you want to get more involved, drop me a line.

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John Wiltshire

President & CEO Canadian Marketing Association




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