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Aug 03, 2021

Summer vacations. A time when many of us relax and have some empty time to reflect on things. On our recent road trip to Jasper, my wife and I listened to a great audiobook.  

Although it was fiction, it prompted me to reflect on some of the principles that I have been guided by in work and in life. Here they are:
  1. Be authentic. People who project consistent values and personality to different audiences will bring greater harmony to their work lives.
  2. Compensate for your weaknesses. Know your strengths and weaknesses. And find others to fill the gaps. You can probably do most things well enough. But in some areas, a colleague may do it significantly better. Sometimes it pays to cheerlead, rather than lead. 
  3. Play the long game. People who are successful see beyond the next corner. This is the difference between tactics and strategy. It’s akin to playing chess, rather than checkers.
  4. Take some chances, but don’t be reckless. Life without risk is hardly worth it. There is a strong relationship between risk and reward. This principle applies to everything… career management, investing, and even personal relationships. The trick is to know what risk you are taking… and to have backup plans. 
I wish you all a great summer and a prosperous future.  

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John Wiltshire

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