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Sep 07, 2021

Boldly go” was the Star Trek mantra. Bold is a typeface. It’s a detergent. A song by Charmaine. A war anthem (Bold Canadians – 1812). 

The CMA’s lofty purpose is to “emBOLDen” Canadian marketers to make a positive impact on business success. Like most ambition, it is easier to achieve when we drill down to well-defined buckets, or pillars. We segmented our purpose into three pillars: Standards of Excellence, Advocacy, and Community Building. 

I was curious... do marketers perceive programs in these pillars to be important to their individual success? So, we conducted some research. It confirmed our hypothesis that not only are those pillars important to marketers at all levels, but that the CMA is well-recognized as providing meaningful support to marketers under all three pillars. And initiatives that are currently in development will directly fill needs in areas that require more attention.

Here is a sneak peak at one insight: Marketing leaders believe their staff need additional training, as well as networking opportunities outside of their organizations. So, the next time you have a one-on-one meeting with your leader, pop these questions: “Where do you perceive an opportunity for learning for our team?” … and “Can I get trained first?” 

The CMA is yours to partake in. Our approach and programming are world-renowned. 

Let’s get going. Drop me a line to connect with a staff member who will help you chart your path.

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John Wiltshire

President & CEO Canadian Marketing Association




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