Staying safe and saving resources

Nov 29, 2021

I went on what should have been a lovely one-hour hike to Tews Falls last week. Alas, a few misread signs and some bad guesses lengthened the hike by two hours. Eventually, we encountered a local, who easily guided us to the right path. All’s well that ends well.

But that experience got me thinking about the benefits of guides. They keep us out of trouble, and they save us time and resources. They are invaluable.

The CMA recently published a new guide – Digital Marketing Rules in Canada – which brings together the rules and regulations that organizations must follow in their digital marketing activities in Canada. This is a new entry to a list that includes:

  • CASL (recently updated)
  • Privacy Compliance
  • Transparency for Consumers
  • Promotional Contests
  • Telemarketing Regulation
  • Marketing to Children and Teens

Our full list of guides can be found here.

Have a look and familiarize yourself with these valuable tools. You don’t want to be lost in the woods when the sun is setting.


P.S. Another way to get familiar with rules that impact marketing activities in Canada and avoid costly errors is to register for our Compliance for Marketers course – available online on demand.

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John Wiltshire

President & CEO Canadian Marketing Association




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