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Jan 04, 2022

Marketing in 2022

The 1973 film Soylent Green depicted the year 2022 with some degree of accuracy, focusing on the impact of global warming and on some of the social issues that we are grappling with today.

While there is certainly enough worry to go around these days, marketers are a positive lot who aim to make the world and their beloved profession better. 

At the CMA this year, we will continue to develop initiatives related to DEI and we will put more focus on sustainability. We will continue to bolster marketing as a profession though the CM designation. We will advocate strongly for the adoption of consumer and business-friendly privacy legislation. And we will continue to expand and embolden the voice of the individual marketer through Councils, Committees and our range of communication vehicles.

I’m raring to go! How about you? Don’t hesitate to send me a note.

P.S. As we kick off 2022, we’ve compiled advice for marketers from some of our Council and Committee Chairs. Have a look!

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John Wiltshire

President & CEO Canadian Marketing Association




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