Digital reality

Mar 21, 2022

Recently, I had to buy several household items over a short time. (I won’t bore you with the details.) It dawned on me that we would be lost without technology – particularly against the backdrop of the last couple of years. And I am referring to all kinds of technology – from the internet itself, to mobile, to text, to apps.

As we reap the benefits of relatively seamless convenience in our personal and professional lives, our perspectives are changing. 

Research released last week by the Global Data and Marketing Alliance (GDMA) show consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable sharing their data. Almost half of consumers in the 10 countries (including Canada) that were surveyed in 2018 feel more comfortable than they did four years ago with the notion of sharing data with businesses.

This growing comfort with data exchange is likely due to the significant increase in online activities, with more than 40% of Canadians saying their online activity has increased since the start of the pandemic.

According to the study, 75% of Canadian consumers show no fundamental objection to engaging in the data economy: this includes 49% who are happy to share their data with businesses as long as there is a clear benefit for doing so, and 26% who are unconcerned about sharing their data.

CMA is a member of the GDMA, and the Canadian research partner. You can learn more about our perspectives on the research through our media release.

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John Wiltshire

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