The Voice of Marketing

Jul 19, 2020

People have been telling us that the CMA voice is being heard loud and clear during the pandemic. 

That is good to hear. Since mid-March, with the onset of COVID-19, communication has been a major focus. My regular CEO messages are a prime example, along with the new programs and services, including the Marketing Connected portal and Marketing Connected LIVE program.

But our voice is more than how we speak. It’s what we say as well. 

Our voice carries weight, in part because we represent every economic sector, including not-for-profits, and every category of the marketing community – from brand marketers and creative agencies, to media companies, analytics firms, digital and email marketers, social platforms, management consultancies, and more.

Consensus-building is the name of the game. As the only marketing association in Canada that represents such diverse interests, consensus puts us in a strong position to influence outcomes. But the need to achieve consensus can be challenging as well.

We have several committees (with broad representation from the profession) that help to ensure we are taking all perspectives into account when we develop positions on public policy issues.

  • Our Ethics and Standards Committee oversees the CMA’s framework of industry self-regulation – in particular the Canadian Marketing Code of Ethics & Standards – and informs positions on issues that affect trust in the marketplace, like deceptive advertising, consumer protection, anti-spam, marketing to kids and competition law.
  • Our Privacy and Data Committee advises on the Association's policy positions and program activities in the critical areas of privacy and data protection, and meets with government officials to provide input on the shape of regulatory initiatives that impact marketing.
  • Our Working Group on Cannabis Marketing develops materials to inform marketers about regulations and best practices in cannabis marketing, and meets regularly with Health Canada to seek clarification on regulatory matters related to promotional activities.
  • Our Public Affairs Committee of the board helps ensure that the positions we take reflect a broad range of members’ perspectives, consider consumers’ needs, and strengthen the reputation of marketing in Canada.

We are currently gearing up to provide input to the federal government on data stewardship, including the role of the proposed Data Commissioner, and to continue providing input on new privacy legislation to ensure it will serve the interests of consumers who increasingly expect organizations to deliver the intuitive products and services they want and need.

If you are a CMA member and would like to contribute to the voice of Canada’s marketing profession on these issues, please let me know.

Stay safe,

John Wiltshire




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