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  • Refresh your CASL knowledge

    Refresh your CASL knowledge, ’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) requirements is more important than ever. While CASL regulates, ) into or from Canada are the most relevant for marketers. Under CASL, a CEM is a commercial e-mail, or a message, . Here are the four major CASL rules for sending CEMs - in a nutshell: CASL requires consent before, . Marketers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with CASL and brush up on the specifics on a regular basis. Members are reminded that they can also access CMA’s CASL resource guide. Questions

  • CASL: One year later

    CASL: One year later, Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL) is a year old this month and the good news is that not much has, is down by a third! The Past A year ago there was a lot of confusion and anxiety surrounding CASL. But the basic principles of CASL were (and are) straightforward. Email marketing is a permission, . And these recipients must be able to easily and quickly unsubscribe. Most of the initial confusion with CASL was around permission levels. Businesses understood that once CASL came into effect, marketers sending email

  • Anti-Spam - CASL - Canadian Marketing Association

    Anti-Spam - CASL - Canadian Marketing Association, -spam legislation (CASL) protects consumers and businesses from the misuse of digital technology, including spam and other electronic threats. Of particular importance for marketers, CASL prohibits, . Marketers must ensure prior to sending a CEM to: Have consent (or meet an exception in CASL) to email, in the Canadian Marketing Code of Ethics & Standards, the CMA offers a comprehensive Guide to CASL, (415 KB) CMA CASL Resources and Initiatives CMA Guide: Canada’s Anti-Spam

  • Are you collecting consumer data by offering WiFi? Keep CASL top of mind.

    Are you collecting consumer data by offering WiFi? Keep CASL top of mind, (CRTC) recently issued an enforcement advisory to remind organizations that under CASL, . As noted above, to fulfill responsibilities under CASL, businesses and those providing Social WiFi must, with the CRTC’s guidance on consent, and ensure CASL compliance remains a key priority by keeping employees up to date and implementing internal compliance programs. Want to test your CASL knowledge? Take

  • Key Observations and Conclusions from CMA’s CASL Workshop

    Key Observations and Conclusions from CMA’s CASL Workshop, On February 16th the Canadian Marketing Association held a CASL Workshop to help ensure that CMA Members are taking the right steps to maintain their CASL compliance programs and avoid hefty fines, specific areas within CASL. Some of the key observations and conclusions from each area can be seen, consent to send CEMs is a violation of CASL. The party with the consent ought to be considered, that service type emails are exempt from CASL’s consent requirements, however they technically require

  • MPs To Rewrite Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

    MPs To Rewrite Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

  • Finding the perfect balance

    to attend CMA's CASL Essentials for Marketers seminar on Thursday to brush up on CASL rules in a range

  • Regulatory and standards highlights

    (CASL) Compliance with CASL is more important than ever as email marketing becomes increasingly sophisticated. The CASL quiz for marketers, created by the Ethics and Standards Committee, is a great, on CASL and privacy? Ourprivacy and CASL compliance workshops have opened for registrations. Marketers can join an introductory session (CASL and Privacy 101 for Marketers on November 22), an real-world case-study session (CASL and Privacy Interactive Training on November 30), or both. Stay tuned

  • Digital Businesses Beware: You Could be Liable for the Anti-Spam Violations of Others

    broad potential liability under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) for failing to do enough to stop, penalties for violating CASL, even if they did not intend to do so or were unaware that their activities enabled or facilitated contraventions of the law. Recognizing that CASL allows for the imposition, compliance guidelines and best practices with respect to compliance with section 9 of CASL, receiving a direct or indirect financial benefit stemming from a violation of CASL by others

  • CRTC finds dating site a bit fishy

    In its second publicly announced decision under Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL), the CRTC has issued a $48,000 administrative monetary penalty against a Canadian online dating site for sending commercial electronic messages (CEMs) that contained a deficient unsubscribe mechanism. In addition to generally requiring consent for the sending of CEMs (subject to certain narrow exceptions), CASL, the early days of the new regime, as some had expected. The portions of CASL relating to CEMs came

  • Navigating regulatory rules during the pandemic

    time. CASL and COVID-19 related messages As Canada responds to the COVID-19 outbreak, many organizations are notifying their customers and clients of COVID-19 related information. CASL, Canada's, , unless consent and other requirements are met. It's important to remember that CASL only applies, , CASL would not apply. However, CASL still applies to indirect solicittions, including messages, for fundraising messages from charities CASL applies to not-for-profits and charities engaging in revenue

  • CRTC draws first blood under spam law

    Eight months after Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) came into force, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has made public its first-ever finding of non-compliance, reports and other sources that Compu-Finder was a source of complaints long before CASL came into force, amendments to that law that were made by CASL, meaning that the company’s behaviour could also, . The CRTC has indicated that a number of other investigations under CASL are currently underway

  • Advocacy, research and standards wrap-up 2022

    accessible as well as accessibility laws in Canada. Privacy & CASL CMA incorporated key provisions, with recently modernized laws in Quebec, the EU and California. Following the success of CMA’s CASL, for marketers in February. The CMA’s CASL and Privacy Interactive Training will provide interactive, case

  • Training - Canadian Marketing Association

    business challenges. CASL Essentials for Marketers: Tackle real-world compliance case studies through an extensive review of CASL rules. Content Marketing: Finesse your content marketing campaigns

  • Staying safe and saving resources

    marketing activities in Canada. This is a new entry to a list that includes: CASL (recently updated

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