Digital Video: The Essentials

Jan 11, 2018

CMA is pleased to showcase, in partnership with St. Joseph Communications, a whitepaper showcasing the latest insights on digital video and how to effectively utilize digital video to communicate with your consumers.

Digital video has enjoyed unprecedented popularity in recent years, with forecasters predicting it will contribute to 79% of next year’s total Internet traffic.1 The proliferation of smartphones, along with increased Internet speed, and availability of Wi-Fi and data are all contributing to digital video’s exceptional growth. Over 62% of global Internet users will watch digital video content in 2017, with viewership forecasted to grow year over year. Users are also spending more time watching online video content than ever before. An increasing number of consumers rely on digital videos to connect with brands and their products, making it a critical element of any content plan.

Here are some key takeaways inside the whitepaper:

  • Current media habits
  • Social platforms for digital video
  • Mobile advertising
  • Types of digital video
  • The future of digital video
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