DEI’s Impact on the Marketing Profession

Jun 21, 2022

The CMA is pleased to present From Engagement to Retention: DEI’s Impact on the Marketing Profession. This report provides insights from the second year of the CMA’s survey on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). We launched the survey following the commitment that we made in the spring of 2020 to take steps to combat racism and other types of discrimination in the marketing profession. 

The purpose of the study is to raise understanding about the barriers that people from BIPOC and other marginalized communities face. By identifying gaps and challenges, we aim to reduce barriers and identify opportunities, to create safe, supportive and inclusive spaces for all.

Key findings from year two of our research include:

  • A fully inclusive work environment benefits marketers and businesses, but this is an elusive goal for most organizations. 
  • Meaningful DEI efforts can blunt the impact of the Great Resignation. 
  • Overall, employees are more engaged, though there is still work to be done. 
  • In workplaces with well-diversified senior leadership, marketers feel welcome. 
  • Observations and experiences vary widely among marketers from marginalized and non-marginalized communities, and between men and women.
  • Women continue to face gender bias and ageism. 
  • How discrimination is addressed depends on who you are and where you work.
  • Expectations of agencies have shifted in the wake of talent shortages.

The research was conducted by RKI – an independent firm that adheres to the highest professional standards. Eight other associations participated as distribution partners to help us reach a wider audience.






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