Marketing Through the Lens of Tomorrow

Prepare for the next era of marketing with our inaugural CMA Marketing Week, presented by Google. This week will be filled with events, trainings and networking opportunities to set Canadian marketers up for the exciting future of marketing ahead.

CMA Marketing Week, presented by Google gives you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and explore new possibilities! Attend one event or attend all.

Details on each event are below.

Monday, May 6Marketing Week Kick-Off: CMA Connect Live
Tuesday, May 7
AI Day
Wednesday, May 8
Thursday, May 9
The Future for Brands: Thought Leader Panels

MONDAY, MAY 6, 2024

Marketing Week Kick-Off: CMA Connect Live



Join CMA’s President and CEO, Alison Simpson for a live podcast on the future of marketing with past CMA Premiere Award winners including 2023 Marketer of the Year, Eva Salem. CMA members in Ontario are eligible to attend this event in-person, and it will be streamed live online so marketers across Canada can participate.



TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2024

AI Day

The CMA will host a selection of free virtual Generative AI sessions. Individuals looking to leverage Generative AI to increase role efficiency and make impactful changes in their organizations' marketing approach are encouraged to register.

AI 101: A Marketer’s Guide, presented by Microsoft Advertising

Discover how AI can elevate your marketing game. Microsoft will host a 30-minute session to equip marketers of all levels with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage AI effectively. From understanding the basics to practical applications, we'll cover it all.


The Future is Now: AI Applications in Marketing

Perfect for marketing practitioners eager to leverage AI, providing a dive into its practical applications within the marketing realm and showcasing AI as an essential tool for modern marketing efforts.


Preparing To Leverage AI as a Tool for Building Strategy, presented by Google

Join the team from Google to learn how you can seamlessly integrate AI into your daily operations. The team will demonstrate the practical applications of Gemini and you'll gain insights into the comprehensive range of Google AI products.


AI Insights for Marketing Leaders: Leading the Change

Designed for senior marketing professionals aiming to stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends and understand the impact of AI integration in their marketing strategies.




CMAfutureproof, presented by DoubleVerify

Presented by DoubleVerify, join the CMA for a special speaker event to discuss the ever-evolving state of the industry and how marketers can continue to future-proof themselves, leveraging new and innovative tools such as AI to make impactful decisions that satisfy both long-term visions and immediate business goals.




The Future for Brands: Thought Leader Panels

Future of Branding Through Women's Sports

Join us for an interactive discussion with members of the CMA’s thought leadership Councils. This virtual event will feature a panel discussion on women’s sport, specifically exploring media and sponsorship investment growth.

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Speaking to the Future Canadian Audience

Join us for an interactive panel discussion with members of the CMA’s thought leadership Councils. This virtual event will focus on the importance of understanding how to craft messages for Canadian consumers and speak to diverse audiences with purpose and impact.

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