CMA and GDMA publish new framework to enhance data privacy standards worldwide

May 12, 2021

The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and the Global Data and Marketing Alliance (GDMA) today released the GDMA Global Privacy Principles – an ethical framework and best practice guidance for the global data and marketing industry.

“The GDMA Global Privacy Principles are an aspirational commitment for organizations, governments, and people to cultivate a trusted and successful commercial ecosystem through serving each individual with fairness, transparency and respect for privacy”, says Martin Nitsche, chair of GDMA and president of the German Data and Marketing Association DDV.

A key aim of the new principles is to establish best practice guidance that the global data and marketing industry can use to strengthen existing self-regulatory privacy initiatives and codes worldwide. The principles will help organizations cultivate consumer trust and deliver a better customer experience by adhering to strong privacy principles – from being clear and transparent to respecting individual choices with respect to personal information.

“The CMA worked with other GDMA members to develop an ethical framework that businesses can adopt to demonstrate their commitment to enhancing data privacy standards – no matter where they are in the world”, said John Wiltshire, president and CEO of the CMA. “The CMA has a long and proud history of leadership in privacy self-regulation and guidance, and we are proud to contribute to best practices at the global level.”

The establishment of global principles will encourage organizations around the world to ensure their privacy policies and practices demonstrate that consumers’ personal information is valued, protected and respected. Organizations build trust with consumers when they create a privacy-protected environment where data sharing is beneficial to all parties.

CMA research has shown that a strong majority of Canadian consumers are willing to share personal data in order to receive benefits, as long as the data is properly protected.

Today’s release comes at a time when the CMA is urging parliamentarians to adopt Bill C-11 to modernize private sector privacy legislation and renew Canada’s position as a global leader in protecting citizens’ privacy while fostering business innovation.

“With key amendments, Bill C-11 provides a balanced approach to update consumer privacy laws and secure Canadian businesses a competitive economic position in the global digital economy,” said Sara Clodman, vice-president of public affairs and thought leadership at the CMA.

Find out more about the GDMA Global Privacy Principles here.

About the Canadian Marketing Association

The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) strengthens marketers’ significant impact on business in Canada. We provide opportunities for our members from coast to coast to develop professionally, to contribute to marketing thought leadership, to build strong networks across all economic sectors, and to shape positions advocated by the CMA to strengthen the regulatory climate for business success. Our Chartered Marketer (CM) designation signifies that recipients are highly qualified and up to date with best practices, as reflected in the Canadian Marketing Code of Ethics and Standards. 

About the Global Data and Marketing Alliance

The GDMA represents, supports and unites marketing associations from around the globe that focus on data and marketing. It leads worldwide initiatives aimed at providing marketers with global trends, thought leadership and know-how on data-driven marketing and advertising across all sectors, disciplines and channels. Through its members associations, the GDMA provides access to the worlds largest network of data-driven marketing organisations and influencers. GDMA represents 28 different countries including Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chili, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the UK and the USA.

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